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2011年6月19日 星期日

Cellular functional water 细胞功能水

Health is wealth.  Indeed, health is everything, be it to an individual, a family, a society and a country.  To have true wellness, one of the inevitable elements in life is attributed by the quality of our DRINKING WATER.   However, many people do not realize that clean filtered water may NOT be sufficient to maintain health.  Health statistics in the country is showing that degenerative diseases are rising at an alarming rate even we are drinking purified clean water everyday.  What is the contributing factor behind ?
This is because the water that we are drinking are mostly proton-saturated and causes oxidative damages or free radical.  High level of oxidative damages is the underlying cause of premature aging more than 100 types of acute and chronic diseases.   Besides, our treated water has high surface tension (higher than NMR 100 Hz) and thereby has difficulty in permeating into our cells and thereby causes cells dehydration. 
The Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Alexis Carrel quoted that ‘our cells are immortal, the wellness of our cells is determined by the fluid that bathe our cells.’   Many of us tend to ignore the importance of water and look elsewhere for magic bullet.  Rightfully, when a fish is sick, the first thing to do is to change the water in the fish tank.  This theory is even supported by the father of vaccine - Louis Pasteur whom recanted his germ theory by admitted that “the microbe is nothing but the inner-terrain is everything’. 
Water can be the best natural medicine and in reverse, it can also be the hidden health threat.     It is apparent that drinking clean and purified water may not be sufficient to maintain health.  The focus should be on the choice of water that has health properties and in this case,  VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER is highly recommended.
As a continuous support of the mission of our Prime Minister on ‘1 MALAYSIA’ in which the key emphasis of this concept it to focus on PEOPLE.  Hence, this proposal is made with the following objectives :
1. To promote a healthier young generations by providing them VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER to all children in all SCHOOLS.  A healthier younger generation simply means a better future for the country.  Drinking functional water will be able to enhance the immune system of all children and teachers in the SCHOOL.  

2. To provide VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER to the patients and medical staff in all HOSPITALS; to accelerate healing process of the patients and thereby reducing the ever increasing medical bills.
(*Notes :  Since the 1960’s, Japanese hospitals have been using functional water for healing and health treatment.)
VWA Cellular Functional Water System is NOT an ordinary water filtration system.  It is imported from KOREA and it is regarded by Korea FDA as a medical device (Registration No. 2131).    It is indeed the world’s top rated water ionizer as per an independent research organization in USA.  (source :  The machine has also been accredited with more than 17 international authentications and patents.  In Malaysia, VWA is the 1st Organization that has won the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand and KERIS Award.  All these are attributed by the unique market positioning and astonishing product efficacy.  
VWA WATER IONIZER is totally different from all the water treatment systems available in the marketplace.  Simply because those systems are meant for filtration and purification BUT VWA Water Ionizer is NOT just an ordinary filtration system as it is a MEDICAL DEVIICE for household use, and it is clinically proven to be beneficial on major chronic diseases.  This is attributed to its’ amazing anti-oxidant properties in which it has thousands of times more potent than Vitamin C & Vitamin E.    In fact, VWA Cellular Functional Water can demonstrate differences of its’ system against any other water system easily.  One of which is the decreases of Blood Sugar in merely 30 minutes after drinking VWA Cellular Functional Water!!!  This test is astonishing even in the eyes of medical doctors!!!
Apart from its’ high anti-oxidant properties; the system is able to reverse the problem of degenerated water in which it poses health risks.  More and more scientific evidences reported that water has the ability to remember. Hence, if a substance or pollutant in the water is being removed or filtered, but the vibration or frequency of the contaminant remains intact in the water; causes the water structure to be altered and becoming abnormal, bigger micro-clusters, abnormal vibrations and hence lost the original heal-giving abilities of water.  Long term consumption of degenerative water has profound effect on our immune system and it is the underlying cause of series of degenerative diseases.  This phenomenon explains as to why drinking just filtered water is not enough to attain well-being.
VWA Cellular Functional Water provides abundance of ionic minerals in substantial amount of negatively-charged hydrogen (OH-) and it is able to provide the most potent and natural antioxidants to restore and maintain the biological terrain.  It is structured water with lower surface tension (NMR 57 Hertz) for superb cellular hydration. 
Water can  “Kill” and water can “Heal”!!!  It is attributed by the charge of the water.  For details of the product write-up and information, please refer to appendices as attached. ***

It is clear that water has medicinal and functional values.  By drinking VWA Cellular Functional Water everyday, it is the simplest way to restore and maintain our biological terrain.
This PROPOSAL will surely benefit mankind; a project that will surely touches the heart of our nation.  As the saying goes “Charity begins at HOME” and it is really meaningful to provide WELLNESS to our future generations and to all citizens in hospitals.  It aids to promote a healthier nation in a very direct way.